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Kids and baby clothing

Welcome to the unique shop with kids and baby clothing. In our wide range of products you can find best-quality clothes only, prepared in such a way so that both children and parents could like them a lot. For instance, you can find wonderful Disney clothes for a baby girl or boy here. Referring to classics, we offer you numerous rompers with Mickey and Minnie images on them. On the other hand, we derive also from the most recent animated films, so we have got for example wonderful dresses featuring the "Frozen" characters. Moreover, you can get amazing Disney princess clothes for toddlers, which will make your little girl's dream come true. For all the small gentlemen, we prepared for instance numerous tracksuits and T-shirts with their favourite cartoon characters. However, our shop has not been created for the smallest ones only. We provide our customers also with cute clothes for teenage girls, such as marvellous leggings or skirts. Explore our website and find outstanding Disney children's clothes and many more!


  • We have collected many fantastic clothes for both younger and older girls. As we are aware that children are extremely joyful about having products with the images of their favourite animated figures, we have prepared lots of outstanding Disney clothes for a baby girl. There are Minnie Mouse rompers or Elsa and Anna dresses, as well as fashionable hats and socks. Moreover, we stock numerous cute clothes for teenage girls, such as blouses, T-shirts, skirts or sweatshirts, to mention but a few.

    The presented Disney clothes for a baby girl will be ideal as a great gift on special occasion or without it. When you put them on her, she will turn out to be twice as cute. Our diverse assortment of clothes for teenage girls can also inspire you to get an amazing present for her. As a result, your young lady will be glad to wear them for classes or meetings with peers.

  • We are glad to present you our wide range of kids and baby clothing for boys. All the products are made of the best-quality materials, in order to provide your children with a high level of comfort and safety. They are very diverse, so we are certain you will find something that meets your personal expectations.   For instance, we have prepared a set of outstanding Disney children's clothes, taking into account that kids love to have the images of their favourite cartoon characters wherever they go. We offer you a warm hoodie with a picture from “Phineas and Ferb”, as well as “Cars” featured hats, gloves or scarves. Moreover, a tracksuit with Mickey Mouse will be perfect for the PE classes and to play football with friends

  • For our smaller ones, we arranged a wide range of beautiful and functional clothes. We have rompers with the images of animals or well-known cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty. There are also many tops, pants, hats or bodysuits to choose from. What is more, you can get extraordinary Disney princess clothes for toddlers in our shop. They seem to be very popular nowadays, as almost every little girl dreams about becoming Elsa or any other Disney princess.  There are not only dresses, but also for example caps with such famous characters as Tiana, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. If your little girl loves to swim, we offer a swimsuit with Sofia the First. Do not wait and explore Disney princess clothes for toddlers and many more!

  • Our kids and baby clothing can be wonderfully accompanied by numerous accessories we stock. For example, to a nice nightdress you can add a bedding set. Moreover, your child will be certainly happy to go to school with a backpack featuring an image of Olaf from “Frozen” or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While going to the beach or swimming pool, a towel, swimsuit or trunks will be necessary. As we know that Disney children's clothes are the most popular, we have prepared for example a swimsuit with Tigger from “Winnie the Pooh” or trunks with the characters from “Planes”. The kids and baby clothing's accessories include also watches and bracelets that will decorate your child's wrist. During cold days, hats or gloves will warm their little heads and hands. When it is rainy, an umbrella will prove useful. We stock for example models with Skylanders or Tinkerbell. Check out our marvellous Disney clothes and accessories for children and not only!

  • Beautiful handmade sets  Safe for the baby, high performance fibers. Perfect to wear around the year. Different patterns ,colors ,sizes,available at individual orders,more pictures coming soon . Made to order for Europe so if you looking for a perfect gift idea you're in a right place.

  • Our offer includes a lot of amazing Disney children's clothes, as we are aware of the fact how much kids are excited to get something with an image of their favourite cartoon figures. We stock, for instance, “Cars” and “Phineas and Ferb” hoodies, as well as T-shirts and leggings with Elsa and Anna from “Frozen or Cinderella. No matter if you have a little boy or girl, you will certainly find something perfect for your child in our online shop. We have not forgotten about the smallest ones as well, as we have collected marvellous rompers and bodysuits for them, with Mickey and Minnie Mouse or other Disney characters. We collect the offered Disney children's clothes from best producers only, as we care about the full safety and comfort of your kids. We are sure that they will like them a lot and they will be willing to wear them to school or elsewhere.

  • Remembering about our little ones, we have collected many functional and appealing clothes. These are, for instance, rompers with such recognisable animated figures like Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear or Minnie Mouse. What is more, other models present also adorable animals. Apart from that, we arranged numerous hats, pants, bodysuits or socks to select from. However, it is not everything, as you can also order outstanding Disney princess clothes for toddlers in our online store. These products are extremely popular, because nearly all the girls want to become Cinderella, Elsa or a different Disney princess.

    It is worth noticing that we stock only only dresses, but also T-shirts, caps, leggings with such admired characters like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Tiana. In case your girl was a little swimmer, it would be great to get her a swimsuit with Sofia the First, for example. Do not hesitate and browse our wide range of Disney princess clothes for toddlers and not only!

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